Themistocles Corvette

Specifications and characteristics


The new design of the Themistocles Corvette brings next generation operational capabilities to future naval warfare. It is a multipurpose vessel at the length of 72 meter and full displacement of about 800 tons. This new corvette will also reach the speed of above 30kn with an extended endurance. It can operate a medium size marine helicopter, but also supports unique possibilities of deploying Special Forces units. Themistocles includes state-of-the-art weapons and electronic systems, than can be tailor-made to customer specific requirements.

Missions of Themistocles Corvette include:

  • Open Sea Patrolling and Surveillance operations
  • Maritime Sovereignty protection
  • Off-Shore facilities protection
  • EEZ protection
  • Anti terror/ smuggling /illegal activities interdiction
  • Minimize illegal immigration transits
  • Search and Rescue operations in coordination with SAR Helicopters
  • Participation in Naval combat operations
  • Fishing protection and control
  • Support of boarding/landing and intervention forces
  • Sea Pollution containment activities

Themistocles is offered as a missile corvette or in an OPV version and is the most effective Corvette available today.

Themistocles can accommodate advanced weapon configurations, including:

  • Launchers for anti-missiles defense missiles
  • Surface-to-surface missiles launchers
  • Up to 76 mm Naval gun
  • Remotely controlled stabilized Naval gun system up to 30mm
  • Command and Control system
  • ESM & ECM
  • Advanced Multifunction Search Radar
  • Heavy machine guns – 0.5” / 7.62mm
  • Most advanced day and night vision system

It should be noted that Themistocles complies with international regulations regarding stability, hull construction, navigation systems, etc.


Length Overall 72.00 m
Beam, Molded 10.25 m
Draught 2.92 m
Flight Deck 10 × 15.3 m
Displacement Abt. 800 tons
Engines 2×MTU 16V1163M94
Max. Speed Above 30 Knots
Sustained Speed 28 Knots
Cruising Speed 12-18 Knots
Range at 12 Knots Above 5000 NM
Endurance 21 Days
Crew 45 + 20 special troops

Integrated Support Package

The ongoing advantages built into Themistocles Corvette, are further enhanced by ISL integrated training and support.

This critical combat edge is being shared with other naval forces and homeland security forces across Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia.
A full set of documentation and operation manuals is provided for each vessel, as part of the delivery.

All naval customers can take advantage of a comprehensive package of training, logistical and technical support by ISL experts such as:

  • Methodical and detailed training of vessel crews
  • Maintenance team training
  • ISL team support on-site for long periods as desired
  • Personal, hands-on guidance until full confidence is achieved
  • A permanent Shipyards service center at the customer’s site, if desired